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Unwilling Subject ;)

So, if you haven't guessed it by now, I LOVE taking pictures. Now that I have a captive subject that I'm crazy about (my baby, of course), the floodgates have opened...ha!! The other day I was playing around and tried this cute hat on him that my late grandmother made for my brother Ernest. Mom brought it and a matching sweater up on her last visit. Ben was sleeping nicely....

when I put on the hat (couldn't resist stringing out the little bobbers!!)....and apparently this is what he thought about THAT:

(HINT: look at the hands!) Hee hee hee!!! Yes, that's "the bird". Hope you got a good laugh for the day ~ I did when I looked back at the pics!


Chrissy said...

That is great!! I so want you to do some pics for me!! You are doing great!!

Michele said...

What a precious little cutie! I love that sweet little hat!

Anonymous said...

Julia, I love the "bootie" picture. He is such a smiler and takes great pictues. He looks so much like you. Isn't it a relief to get them over that first month.

YOu all make a beautiful family. Janet

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