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...from "weeks" to Months!! Ben's reached the big 3 month mark...soooooooo old (ha!), apparently the thing is to refer to how many months he is instead of weeks now. So, at 3 months, things have changed so much I don't know where to start.

Let's see...
*He moved up into Size 2 diapers just last week.

*He's wearing mostly size 3 month clothes now, with few 6 months thrown in.

*Still sleeping swaddled...I don't know HOW we're ever going to drop that thing - I had to go buy a bigger one because he outgrew the size Small!

*Speaking of sleeping, we've started getting in a extra "dreamfeed" at night (around 11:00-ish), meaning we wake him up before we go to bed so he can eat one more time. This has helped him start sleeping through the night more consistently. He still has a pesky habit of popping awake at 3:30 some nights, but goes back to sleep easily as soon as he gets a paci. I would love for him to sleep until 7:00 each morning, but most of the time he wakes up between 5:30 and 7:00, especially if he's slept through the 3:30 Mommy Call.

*More about sleep...we made the move to his crib!! I was prepared for the worst...several long, sleepless nights and lots of crying, but he did GREAT. The first night, I put his bassinet in the crib, and he continued to sleep in the bassinet. It was a "normal" night, so the next night, it was just Ben and the crib (oh, and the sleep positioner - but that only lasted a night or two...see the next bullet as to why!)

*Somehow, he does laps around that crib at night. I have no idea how, since he's wrapped up like a mummy in the SwaddleMe blanket, but he is completely turned around and on the opposite end of the crib some mornings (or nights!) when I go in there. We recently got a video monitor for his crib, so I'm looking forward to catching him in the act to see just how he accomplishes that!

*When swaddled, he can roll over from back to tummy. But then, he's STUCK. Last night, for example, he cried out at around 2:30, which was unusual. His cry sounded unusual, too, so I turned on the video monitor (have to keep it off at night b/c my eyelids are so thin...hee hee hee...I'd never get to sleep it's so bright!), and he was on his tummy, head up like a turtle and couldn't get back over. Normally, that would be super cute....not at 2:30 a.m. though!

*He's getting stronger in the tummy, and can sit in the Bumbo now!! I think it's a hit! He likes to practice sitting up. Sometimes when he's in the swing or bouncy chair, he'll curl up like he's trying doing an ab "crunch" and fuss until someone helps him sit :)

We're still doing the nursing thing, and he's finally seeming to catch on. You wouldn't think it would take 3 months!! I really hope I'm passing on some antibodies from my seasonal flu and H1N1 (when I get it) flu shots, since he's too young to get the vaccination himself. That's SO scary to me how vulnerable he's really going around from what I hear and can be very dangerous to a baby his age. We've been praying so hard for good health this winter!

Ben loooooooves Daddy-time at the end of the work day each day. He definitely smiles for Mama, but when Daddy gets's grins left and right (from both of them)!!!

One of Ben's favorite new things to do is check out his feet. He's just realized they belong to him, but I think he's still perplexed about how they do all that wiggling!! :) He spends lots of time trying to reach for them, but still hasn't mastered the arm movements yet ~ SOOOOOO cute!


Anonymous said...

Ben's getting so big!!! I can't WAIT to see him!!!!
-aunt Annie

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