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He's Going to Kill Me One Day!!!!

First I posted all his ultrasound pics verifying that, indeed, he was A Boy! Now, check out his precious little booty in this photo I took last week ~ soooooooo cute I can hardly stand it!! Yes, he's going to kill me one day!! ;)

Here's another I took on a rug he got as a gift from our pastor...I have to give credit for the photo op idea from my friend's birth announcement for her little girl ~ they apparently have the exact same rug, so when I saw how cute Ensley looked on hers, I had to do a "photo shoot" with Ben! He thoroughly enjoyed it, as you can see by the grin, probably because (unbeknownst to me until I SAT in it!) he peed everywhere once I took his diaper off!

Other than looking adorable, Ben's had several outings in his 8th and 9th the doctor for his 2 month check-up, and the dreaded shots :( He did OK, though, only running a low-grade fever that night, but still managing to smile for us a few times. We also went to the Dragonboat Festival on Saturday, and he grinned the whole time riding in his "big boy" stroller.

He's even been laughing out loud, too!! That's such fun for Mark and me to see :) His newest "skill" is chewing his hands. He used to just do this when he was hungry, but it seems like he's finally discovered those two hands attached to his arms and he's really exploring them these days...grabbing onto everything like fingers and blankets and SQUEEZING! He's also getting better and better at clasping them together - soon he'll be clapping for us...I can't wait!!


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