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Ben and Anna both have the sweetest lovies named Bunny.  Ben's is a boy bunny, of course; Anna's is a pink miniature version of Ben's.  They both have to have their bunnies for naps and night time.  Ben is pretty good about leaving his bunny in his bed during the day, but Anna wants to carry hers around the house.  When Anna's getting a tooth, Bunny's ears get chewed on a LOT.  So, since her bunny gets misplaced (dropped in random places, hidden in baskets, walked in the baby doll stroller and forgotten) quite a bit, we have two extras. 

We recently added girl bunny #3 to our fleet because Mommy couldn't keep up with washing the original two...and they NEED washing on a regular basis due to lots of teething Miss Anna is doing lately.  Here's what an "old" and new bunny look like in comparison:

Whoa!!  I don't realize how "loved" the bunnies are until we get a new one (thank goodness they still make them and I can get one here in two days from Amazon!).  But don't think a newbie bunny is going to be immediately accepted into the gang around here....oh, no!  Chewed up lovies don't phase Anna a bit; in fact, she prefers them :)  New Bunny has to be physically bound to Old Bunny for a few days so Anna will carry it around - otherwise she just throws it down...REJECT!

After New Bunny gets a little wear on her, we can untie her from the other bunny and add her to the rotation.  Much to Anna's delight :)

Bunny in the car, sharing a chocolate with Anna. 
Note to self:  Anna can now open wrappers.
It's a Bunny Bonus Day when Mommy forgets to put one of the spares away...two bunnies, whoo hoo!

 Bunny in the pool bag after swim lessons (she's there for moral support:)!

Bunny and Elmo, getting a stroller ride....

Anna and her Great Grandmother "Nana", and Bunny...on Mother's Day

Mommy, Anna and Bunny on Mother's Day

Finally, this post wouldn't be complete without the bunny that started it all...Ben's little bunny buddy :)



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