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Spring Cuties, 2013

I honestly could not believe my eyes.  On a chilly morning at Winged Deer Park, Ben (our Ben Williams!!) sat for a mini photo session with NO complaints, ALL beautiful smiles, and even helped us with a difficult Anna (poor sweetie was getting the sniffles) like I've never seen before.  The picture of maturity and a showcase of proper parenting, he shined like no other 3.5 year old getting their picture made in Easter clothes ever has before.  Bahahahah!!  Just kidding - yes, he did fabulous, but I must admit he was bribed with an entire two boxes of Fruit Roll-Ups.  Yes, two...the kind that are square and the kind that are a foot long.  It was critical that he acquire BOTH.  Well, it worked, and I was surprised because bribes usually only work for three minutes :) Totally worth it though!

Awww, look at that sweet brother!!  I'm glad we have a photo of this moment, because this is not a common occurance at home, ha!

Technically these are Easter pictures, but Easter was early this year so it was a bit chilly :(  I made Anna's dress and hated to cover it up, but we needed a sweater for most of the time!

Handsome Fella!

My favorite of them all!!!!

Sorry, couldn't resist this precious one with Daddy - he really knows how to get her to laugh!  After this, we jumped back in the car (that we left running with the heat on) to warm up and off to Ingles for Fruit Roll Ups!


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