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Miss Anna ~ 18 months

Anna and Curious George at the library for Mother Goose story time.

Oh dear!  We're starting to close in on age 2!!  Our sweet girl is growing so quickly, and we adore every single day.  She's sweet, giving hugs and kisses all the time; kind, often bringing Ben his favorite blanket and lovie "Bunny"; fun, always dressing up in whatever she can find - hats, shoes (mine, hers, Ben's), Ben's clothes, jackets, even Mark's stuff she found in the dirty clothes one time!!  THAT looked hilarious!

I was cleaning out Ben's small winter clothes and she insisted on wearing them.
Good thing we weren't going anywhere!

Giant Plastic Easter Egg Half = Hat

She loves saying her family members' names:  Dada, Mama, BOBO!  She is getting really close to being able to say Ben and Maymay (Mason), too! Just this past week she has added bowl and more to her vocabulary, and started using the word Mama to get my attention instead of just babbling it.  Mama sure does love that!
Hat, purse, Bunny in the buggy...Check!  Ready for grocery shopping :)

Anna loves Elmo.  Whenever she spots a book, stuffed Elmo, plastic toy, with his face on it, she gets excited and points, saying, "OHHHH!"  Just today she actually said, "Elmo"!!  Her favorite, though, is "Bunny".  We have three of them in rotation because after a day or two, they are filthy and need to be washed.

Usually, Bunny is the only thing in Anna's crib, but for this nap she wanted Elmo, too.  Precious!
(Yes, Elmo is wearing her PJ's.  He's also wearing a diaper.  Ha!!)

One exciting thing lately was Anna's dedication at church.  She looked so beautiful in her sweet pink dress...

Grandmama and Grandaddy Morin, and Mimi were there, too!
One last silly ~ Anna and big brother Ben hamming it up for the camera :)


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