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A Perfect 10 :)

Our Anna is ten months old today!  So much has been happening and changing in her little world lately, and she loves it all, every day :)  At her nine month check-up, Anna weighed 17.5 pounds.  She got one shot, but it wasn't bad at all.  We're still struggling with sleeping through the night - as usual, any strides made towards it get lost in a week or so when she goes back to her old ways of popping awake around 3 or 4:00 each night.  *Sigh* says the tired mama....but this, too, shall pass.  She is doing GREAT nursing (still!), and I'm so proud that we've made it 10 months!  Anna's also still great about eating her baby food...gladly eating MANY varieties that Ben would never touch.

She's been a busy little lady these since our last update...back in April, here she is with Daddy on his birthday!

Before it got so hot, we took lots of rides in the red car...
...and lots of rides in "the pouch"!

Yay!  Mama can cook AND hold Anna at the same time!
Poor baby got another cold, probably from big brother Ben.  Most of the time when she gets a cold, she needs the nebulizer - a.k.a. "penguin medicine".  Here she is with her buddy :)

Whew!  All this wears a girl out!  She did great at Chandler's 5th Grade graduation:

Anna and Grandmama

Conked out!
...but just couldn't hang in there any longer at the end!  And that's just part of it!  "A Perfect Ten" to be continued...


Michele said...

I love reading your updates about Ben and Anna! They are both so precious!!!

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