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Part Two: A Perfect 10 :)

Miss Anna's been so busy the past two months, it was too much goodness for one post!  So, to pick up where we left off...she's been crawling like crazy!  And all day long, she is constantly picking stuff up off the floor and eating it.  CONSTANTLY.  We've even taken to calling her the "Crumb Bum" and have all but given up fishing each thing out of her mouth, poor baby!

Anna usually crawls on her knees, but she likes to crab crawl like this when she's wearing a dress so it doesn't get tangled in her knees!
Anna's Surprised Face!
She absolutely adores Ben, and wants to be near him all the time.  He is really good at making her laugh by saying something silly like, "Shookie!!" or just jumping up and down or twirling around.  She belly laughs!

Adores big brother!
Anna has really been practicing pulling up and is getting stronger by the day.  She hasn't tried to do any furniture cruising, yet, but I bet it will be any day now!

We've had fun times at the pool in this 100° weather ~ whew!  All smiles with Mama, lounging in a piece of shade... hour later - all tuckered out!

Mimi came to visit and Anna loved seeing her!

And finally, Anna has started babbling a bit.  Her favorite thing to say is ma ma ma ma.  We're not really sure if she's saying "more" or "mama", but either way, I love to hear it!

Our Pretty Girl! Love her!


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