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Retropost: Anna ~ 6 Months with Ben "Almost 3"

This is a little out of order timewise, but I just realized I hadn't posted these.  Of course, they must be included in this blog for posterity's sake!!  These are Anna's 6 month photos...she was just barely sitting up - in fact, it was hard to get many good ones because I had to keep pulling my hands out of the photo when I was holding her up so she wouldn't tumble over :)  As smiley as she is, she just wasn't up for a photo shoot on this day, but that's ok...the photographer still managed to get some good ones (even with a grumpy brother Ben, too, ha!!)

Of course, we needed some of Ben, too!  I can't believe how grown-up he's looking lately!

Brother and Sister, so sweet.  If you only knew what bribes were offered in exchange for these photos ~ ha!


Anonymous said...

Julia I love your blog. You have such a beautiful family. Janet

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