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Busy Ben

Little Man has been having a ball this spring.  He's got quite the social calendar....preschool, open gym playtime, time with Grandmama, the park, the track...I don't know how he fits it all in! :)

Playdates ~ here's Ben and Sophia "sittin' in a tree"....ha ha!!

Anna is FINALLY willing to take a bath without being held by Mommy!  Ben loves to "help" bathe her, and it's a great distraction for her since she adores him.

The school year is coming to a close and Ben had a great time performing in his preschool's Spring Program.

Hanging out with Little Sister.  He likes to say to her, "Open your mouth!" while demonstrating proper technique, to get her to take more sweet!

Finally, Ben is the proud new owner of a big boy bike!! 

 He scoots around on his bike, so proud!!  He asked me if Bunny could ride with him, so we tied him to the handle bars :)  You can't see it all in the photo, but Bunny's little shirt says, "Best Friends Indeed".  So SWEET, and so true.  I don't know what we'd do without Bunny ~ good thing we have two, ha!


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