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Fender's Farm

It seems like just yesterday, we were taking little Ben to Fender's Farm LAST we are again, and he's so big!!  Mason and Chandler got to go with us this year, and it was so fun to see them all play together and have such fun. 

Growing here for the same pose from last year!!  He's all the way up the the "3" now!!
 Fun times on the bouncy jumper and go-cart track with Mason...

 ...and getting lost (literally - we had a moment of terror when Ben got lost once!) with Chandler.
 Boy Stuff:  finding bugs with Daddy, and feeding!

 More fun on the playground!

 Mama and Anna....this is usually what everyone sees of her (which I like because strangers aren't poking their fingers in her face since she's hidden!!)
 Here she is!!


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