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Feed Me, Seymore!

Little Shop of Horrors it was at my last dr's appointment when I stepped on the scale and had gained three pounds in seven days!!! (Yes, according to the SAME scale at approximately the SAME time of day - no shoes the second time.) Yikes!! I've read everywhere that the going rate is one pound per week...HA! I feel like that bad "little" plant Audrey.....hungry, hungry, hungry all the time. Somebody stop me!!

So far this morning, I've had a bowl of cereal with blueberries, a large apple, pack of reduced-fat peanut butter crackers....and I'm STILL hungry. It's another hour until lunch :( This is how it is every day here lately, especially in the mornings. And snacking on grapes, apples, almonds and all that healthy stuff isn't cutting it - I want those "stick with you" foods like biscuits and donuts. (I just don't want them to stick to my butt!) Maybe the baby's having a growth spurt. I sure hope somebody is besides me and my thighs!!

Anyway, I got through the yucky GTT ~ Glucose Tolerance Test for gestational diabetes ~ fine, but won't find out my results for a few more days. So the next exciting thing: our 30-week 3D/4D ultrasound!! We are going on May 6 to see our little boy in utereo, and taking Mason and Chandler to "meet" him, too. I really hope he's kicking around a lot that day....usually afternoons are when he does start to get active. I can't wait!


LisaLisa said...

This is hilarious! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you truly "get your eat on!" haha! Once you have that baby your tiny little body's gonna go right back to being skinny again, so try not to worry about gaining a little more weight than you expected. For someone your size, 35-45 pounds is normal. Enjoy it!

Tomika said...

Yeah, what Lisa said...I gained 50 pounds with Jayla. It all went away, plus an extra 10. I'm up 45 pounds now...with 3 more weeks to go! I have officially ditched all foods with any nutritional value from here on out. I'm going to enjoy the foods that I normally limit over the next 21 days.

Where's the latest belly pics (of you, not me - you can just google "picture of whale" for that)?

Julia said...

Belly pics are coming up next!! I've finally got the "basketball" look going on that everyone said I would....LOL :)

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