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Earning My Stripes

Well, really just "stripe" Linea Nigra is more than enough!! I just noticed this new arrival on my growing belly last week. It's super light, so really not too bad....but of course I Googled the heck out of it :) Several theories emerged as to what this is and WHY?

1. It's a symptom of hormones, just like the other skin pigmentation changes that commonly take place in pregnancy. Why it forms in such an orderly fashion is still a mystery.

2. It's where your abdomen muscles meet, or more accurately, at this point in pregnancy (second trimester usually)....where they fail to meet anymore. When your stomach muscles start being stretched that far, a line forms in the gap.

DARN. There goes my six-pack. ;)

3. It could indicate a folic acid deficiency or insulin issues. Hopefully this isn't the case! I'm taking folic acid with my prenatal every day, plus lots of extra from food. As for the insulin, I'll find out next week when I go for the dreaded Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT). Ick.

Really, unless it means something negative (which I really can't find much proof of) I'm excited about each new development like this! It means we're getting closer and closer to July 14 ~ I can't wait!!


LisaLisa said...

Wow you find the most interesting info...I always just took whatever was in my "expecting books" at face value and didn't question too much. :) Guess that can be a good thing, though. And good luck with the GTT!! I never passed a glucose test while I was pregnant and it wasn't the worst thing in the world, so try not to stress about it. Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

No worries. I had one and most of my friends who have been preggers has had it.

Jennifer said...

Julia! I am SO excited for you!!! Having a linea negra is AWESOME if you end up with a healthy and happy baby in the end!!! Celebrate this time! Your body may not be what you want or expect it to be, but it is SO awesome to have that little person growing inside of you!

I'm so happy for you!!!

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