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Anna-Boo is Two!

Last month, our sweet little Anna turned two.  She is precious as precious can be, honestly!!!  She's always such a happy girl, and so loving.  Anna copies everything Ben does, and they love playing together (most of the time)!

She has 16 teeth, wears a size 2T, and says 35-40 words.  At her two-year old check-up, Anna was 90% for height and 50% for weight.  Little girl sleeps so well, from 8 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. with a two hour nap after lunch.

Waiting on Ben to get a haircut...always so happy and smiling!
Anna is a big Daddy's Girl, and misses Mark so much when he's at work during the day.

She's getting "into" fashion these days.  There is only one certain style of hair bow (in any color, though) that she prefers to wear - and most of the time she wants all five that we have in her hair at the same time! 

Anna is a great snuggler...if she wakes up early, she will lay in our bed so nice and sweet until time to wake up, and even fall back asleep sometimes.  I love those days!

So beautiful, she melts Mommy's heart...

A few more things about Anna at age two:

~she likes to cook in her pretend kitchen and take care of her baby dolls - feeding, bathing, and strolling them.
~not very into TV right now
~says "Whoa!" every time we go over a bump in the car!
~still needs a baby gate for the steps
~new favorite word DOP = stop
~refuses to sit in her highchair anymore! She likes to have a chair like Ben's now.
~she loves school, and you can tell she feels like such a big girl being there (like her big brother!)

Birthday Girl going to school!


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