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Anna ~ 5 months

Ughh, I'm so behind on blogging!  Anna's not 5 months old anymore, but she is changing and doing so much each day, I didn't want to skip over this wonderful month in her life :)  My little sweetie is always smiling, never in a grumpy mood, and really starting to be super curious about all that's going on around her this month.  She is especially taking to her brother Ben!  Maybe because he's another "little" person, I'm not sure...but she just smiles at him, and cranes her neck to see him whenever he comes around.

I think Ben kinda likes Anna, too, but he won't admit it!

Her bigger brothers are crazy about her, and she loves to watch them make silly faces.  Maybe this one looked a little TOO silly, ha!!
Every day, there's something new, it seems!  Her favorite sound to make is "raspberries" ~ here she is blowing some for Mommy :)
She loves riding in the baby carrier....or "the pouch" (as in kangaroo) as we call it. I switched her around to ride on my back for the first time this month since she's getting strong enough now and she loved it even more than the front!!

Anna is still waking up at least once a night to eat, and maybe more for a paci call or two.  Here's her sleeping arrangement.  She's been sleeping like this with the Rock-n-Play in the crib since she got a cold two months ago, and now I'm afraid she's hooked on sleeping all cuddled up!  One day I'll transition her to the crib laying flat, but for now, waking up 2-3 times a night is enough/too much already!

Finally, our sweet girl is growing up too fast already!  She took her first bite of "real" food (Mama's trying everything to get her to sleep a little more at night!!).  It was avocado and she ate it up ~ yippee!!

They say a baby's eyes can change color any time in the first year, but Anna's seem to be getting bluer and I think she's going to get to keep them :)  I adore looking at her beautiful blue eyes...reminds me of her Daddy!


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