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"It's not Santa....'s Santa CLAUS," according to Ben.   Ohhhhhh, excuse me!  Ha ha!!  Ben made sure to keep us on our toes this season, for sure!  We had a wonderful Christmas for lots of reasons.  It was Anna's very first Christmas!  And, this was the first Christmas that Ben understood about "Santa" and looked forward to talking to him and his big visit on Christmas Eve :) 

Ben wanted to put out his favorite Bunny Cookies for Santa, along with the milk, so that's what Santa snacked on this year. 

 On Christmas morning, Ben slept in nice and late (7:30) and had forgotten all about Santa when he woke up, ha ha!!  We reminded him, though, and he couldn't wait to go downstairs and see what was going on!  We were so excited for him to see his new trampoline and kitchen from Santa, but.....
Ben playing with Anna's toys
...what he was most interested in was Anna's toys!!  Probably because they lit up and sang songs :)  After he checked them out, though, he saw his Santa gifts and loved them.  Here he is on the trampoline.

The only thing we could ever get Ben to tell us he wanted for Christmas was an elephant, tiger and alligator.  Sooooooo....Santa did the best he could ;)  Apparently there was a run on alligators in miniature form, so we had to call in a sub.  I think it was close enough for Ben, though, thank goodness!

 We had sausage pinwheels and french toast casserole for breakfast, and around lunch time, Mason and Chandler came over so we had the whole gang.  Anna enjoyed checking all the commotion out and watching us open gifts.  Oh, and wearing her new hairbow that was in her stocking :)

Anna and Ben on Christmas morning

~ Mommy, Daddy, Chandler, Ben, Mason, and Anna ~


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