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Briarwood Safari 2011

Our most recent adventure (besides being locked in the car, ha!!) was to the Briarwood Safari.  It's about an hour from Johnson City out in the middle of nowhere...but absolutely FULL of really cool animals just roaming around for you to see!  You drive through in your car "Jurassic Park" style and can feed them.  This, of course, attacts them to your vehicle so you can get a closer look. 

So, we bought 7 buckets of feed, and we were off into the safari.  The first animals that you come to are the emus...or, as we called them:  Veloceraptors.  They were JUST LIKE the ones in Jurassic Park that stalked the car the whole way through!!  It was a little scary at first - we had our windows TOO far down, because they just about climbed in the car with us ~ yikes!  They were really after that food, and we got a huge laugh at how jumpy we were over a bunch of birds pecking at those buckets.

Mason and Chandler had a ball feeding the animals.  Ben was interested for a few minutes, but mostly just enjoyed "driving" you recall, his MOST favorite thing to do :)

There were some REALLY big animals there like buffalos and zebras, water buffalo, we mostly just fed them by hanging out the sunroof.  That way, they weren't in our face, slobbering in the car. Thank goodness, because some of them were pretty disgusting up close.  Mark had a nice concoction of chewed up food pellets and buffalo slobber nicely smeared on his window by the buffalo's crusty beard...Mmmmm!

Mason had fun playing with the "Zorse" (cross between a zebra and a horse), and here's Chandler up close and personal with some kind of llama or something.  We all really like the deer...they were gentle and you could feed them out of your window.  Ben even kept saying, "Bye bye deer!"


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