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Ben's a Beach Bum!

A few weeks ago, Ben took his first trip to the beach. We had a really good time at the Isle of Palms with his BFF Sophia (and family) and "Aunt" Michelle...

Here's Ben the day we got there, the very first time he saw the ocean...No Fear!!

Little Man's cheeks kept getting pink as soon as we got to the beach, and I'd put more and more sunscreen on until I realized it was just because he was hot!!

Everyday, Daddy dug him a little pool, and he played for hours in it with his favorite beach toy, an orange-handled net (not pictured - I really can't believe he forgot about it for a minute!). Mason and Chandler were such good playmates!!

On our one and only family bike ride (after dragging 4 bikes, a baby seat and 5 helmets across 3 states!), Chandler's bike broke. I mean BROKE. As in: we left it on the side of the road for the IOP garbage men to pick up because it was "unridable". Poor Mason had to pedal Chandler all the way home!

As you can imagine, this did not go over well or smoothly. But, the worst that happened was that Chandler blew out a flip flop when the bike spokes "ate" it. I'm just glad there wasn't any blood or broken bones.

To confirm our bike ride was indeed a flop, Ben fell asleep on his first bike outing ever. Now don't get too excited, Ben!! Ha ha!! That's saying a lot, too, because he doesn't typically fall asleep in places like strollers, couches, in your arms, etc. Needless to say, that plus the fact that we were drenched in sweat at 8:00 in the morning convinced us not to take anymore bike rides!

Here are two of my favorite pictures of Ben's first beach experience...

Ben was just starting to toddle and it was so fun and special to see him excited about walking out into the ocean!


Charlsey said...

Love this post guys look like you had a blast. I can't get over how much Ben is growing and changing. His little round face is soo precious :)

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