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Baby's First Haircut

Sadly, last week it was finally time for Ben to get his first haircut. "Cut" really isn't the best word, since the Ziplock of "locks" the girl gave me when she was finished appeared EMPTY until I squinted a saw a few fine baby hairs! Trim better describes it, and he needed it because he kept pawing at his ears (making us think over and over he was getting an ear infection), and just looking scraggily in general. Especially in the wind. Case in point:So, in we went with a happy baby....

Sitting on Mama's lap, wondering Who Is This Chick?! (She does Mark's hair and is super sweet!)

Not bad...still distractable by Daddy with a bag full of toys! He's sitting on my lap, so I have a bird's eye view and unfortunately I can see that he's being SUCH a wiggleworn, VERY little hair is being trimmed at this point (in the interest of keeping his ears intact ~ ha!)Now this is starting to get a bit worrisome, apparently. The wad of lunchtime banana dried in his hair behind the ears isn't helping matters, either. I could sense a meltdown coming, out comes the paci. You know it's getting bad when the paci makes an appearance midday!Whew! All done! Whether you can really tell or not, his hair did look much more polished, especially in the back and neck area. Good job, Ben! (I hope it's a looooooong time before we need to do that again ;)


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