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Photo Shoot with Poop

Finally Ben's newborn pictures are ready to view! Two awesome ladies, Jennifer and Christy from Picsee Studios, came when he was six days old and spent 5 1/2 HOURS at our house waiting for Ben to settle down and go to sleep. He was acting just like a cat - you know how if you desperately want them to come sit on your lap, they act like they hate you, but if you ignore them, they won't leave you alone? Well, the more we pursued sleep for this little one, the wider awake he became!! Ha! Mark even gave the girls some lunch while I fed him for the third time, hoping it would conk him out (Nope.)

Now, at this point in his life, we were supplementing him with super calorie-rich formula because he had lost so much weight. Well, apparently he wasn't needing ALL those calories, because he was a pooping machine for a few days :) Yes, including that day. Twice while he had no diaper on (for photo purposes), he let it rip!! EEEK! Thank goodness he was wrapped up tight in two blankets each time (I was feeding him), but even that wasn't enough to contain it.....ha! Then as soon as I'd put him on the changing table to clean up, he'd pee. Fortunately, I must have gotten a fair amount of sleep the night before, because it was so funny ~ we laughed and laughed!!

Anyway, we eventually gave up on him, quit whispering and tip-toeing around, and he just happened to fall asleep. So, even though they were about to leave (thank goodness they had no other appointments that day!), they got a few more good shots of him :) I love the second one of us with Mark holding him - look how TINY he was! He pretty much fit on one of Daddy's sweet! Enjoy!!!

Here's the link ~ leave a comment on her blog if you have a's easy, and we'll get a free print!!


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